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MMW Series
Salient Features
  • Ideal for heavy duty applications up to 160 Kg/cm2
  • Bore and Rod Sizes as per CETOP, ISO and BIS standards
  • Tubes Microhoned to optimum surface finish 0.4 Micron Ra or better
  • Induction hardened and hard chrome plated piston rods for dent and corrosion resistance and for long seal life
  • Low friction advanced sealing systems with wide working temperature range "- 30°C to +100 °C".

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MMW 50 22 500 NC FM RM 02

MMW Medium Series:
Welded Construction
Pressure upto 160 kg/cm2
50 Bore Size
22 Ram Size
500 Stroke Length
NC Cushioning
NC- Non Cushioned
CC- Cushioned at cap end only
CH- Cushioned at head end only
CB- Cushioned at both ends
FM Cylinder Mounting Details
FM- Flange Mounting - Head End
BM- Flange Mounting - Cap End
CM- Clevis Mounting - Cap End
EM- Eye Mounting - Cap End
LM- Side Lugs Mounting
TM- Trunnion Mounting
RM Rod End Mounting Details
RT- Male Threaded End
RF- Female Clevis
RS- Spherical Bearing Clevis
RM- Male Clevis
02 Catalogue Number
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